Papi’s Korean Fluffernutter

Peanuts see the world, make new friends, report back to HQ. Roy Choi is one of those people that we just idolize, so naturally we used our most appealingly whiny tones to beg him to make an ice cream with us. Roy finally agreed, but instead of making a Korean taco ice cream, Roy wanted to make something with the Korean-Beijingesque boiled, spiced peanuts he used to love as a kid. He wanted to call it “Papi’s Salted Nuts,” and he still can. But as it started taking shape, it became more like a spiced fluffernutter. A light tan, creamy, peanutty ice cream base double-swirled with playful spiced fruit and jolly aromatic marshmallow. The ice cream is streaked with a delicious blackberry jelly infused with Thai chilies. Then we spoon in folds of marshmallow fluff whipped with Southeast Asian spices. Chunk in a few nuts, and it’s pretty much perfect. Roy Choi takes all the angst and egotistical pomposity out of cooking and, instead, focuses his incredibly inventive cooking brain to create dishes percolating with “don’t give a (let’s substitute ‘fig’) deliciousness.” Roy started his culinary domination out of his Kogi BBQ Taco Truck in Venice, serving a crazy yum fusion of unique Korean ingredients with taco hand-food feeling. His menu is now the national food of Los Angeles.