Ohana’s Falcon Vanilla Taro

Dear Magical Ice Cream Makers, these are my magical ingredients to make Ohana’s Falcon Vanilla Taro ice cream swirled with mint chocolate snowcap. The ingredients we will need is creamy milk vanilla ice cream, with taro pate, mixed with honey, and a dash of magical sugar. We will also need crushed mint chocolate syrup (preferably crushed/melted Andes mints), and the most magical secret ingredient, the snowcap. The snowcap will consist of a swirled ribbon of condensed milk.” 

—Ohana, Forest Hills Elementary

*The names and descriptions for each flavor were written word-for-word (typos and all!) by our student inventors.

Our spin: Creamy taro and vanilla ice cream is encircled by Ohana’s mint chocolate and honey fluff snowcap.