NW Wild Berry Pie

A glorious food fight between pie and ice cream, with two winners. OK. You’ve heard us say this before, but sometimes the simple thing is just so good that you really just want to get out of the way of it. In this case, we are talking about wild berry pie and ice cream. We literally just bake big slabs of pie and hand-chunk them into vanilla ice cream. It is a disaster of deliciousness. For these wild berries… So there’s this guy, Tom, right? And he forages all over Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier for berries. Wild mountain blueberries and blackberries and whatever other berries he finds. Could be huckleberries. Or lingonberries. Mystery berries, maybe even. Anyway, we get as many of these berries as we can from Tom from NW Wild Foods, and that’s that.