Molé Rojo Flan

Molé. Ice cream. Holy molé! These Mexican wonder sauces are made with so many ingredients, the flavors meld together into unidentifiable, heavenly elixirs of complicated tastiness. We created this ice cream purely to showcase the incredible flavor of Restaurante Guelaguetza’s molé rojo, which is made with over fifty different ingredients. The base of this ice cream is made with ancho chilies, cinnamon, and Mexican vanilla. Then we make an egg flan with Restaurante Guelaguetza’s spicy red molé. It’s so good! Dense and heavy, that first spoonful delivers a cold, creamy rush of spicy joy—and does not stop. When it comes to Oaxacan food in the United States, Restaurante Guelaguetza is the absolute best. It’s difficult to explain how good the Family Lopez’s food is—a perfect blend of Oaxacan tradition with smart, ambitious, chef-driven creativity. That being said, the true stars at La Guelaguetza are their molés. We heartily recommend you hie thineself over there, or to and try some of these incredible molés.