Matcha Matcha Man

Served in September 2011: One of the first ice cream collaborations we ever did was thanks to the legend that is Steven Smith. Arguably one of the most influential flavor creators of our era, the late Steven Smith built Stash tea, then Tazo tea, and then moved onto his namesake company Steven Smith Teas. When we first started creating ice creams in Portland, Steven was at the top of our list to partner with. Our favorite thing we’ve ever learned from this flavor is that, sometimes, an ice cream name can precede the actual flavor (and, more importantly, if the name is good then the flavor will definitely be better). In this case, Steven Smith has this combination of orange juice and really freaking good matcha powder pinned as his favorite future ice cream flavor. After toiling at getting the perfect ratio, we use a hint of blood orange to push the orange-y-ness against the cream and use a matcha from a 100 year old family-owned farm to ensure that this flavor lives up to its esteemed conspirator.