Koi Fusion’s Kimchi and Rice

Fusion, constantly expanding. Think of it as a kind of a Korean horchata ice cream, elegantly flavored with jasmine rice. Then think of all those yummy little dishes that come with your Korean feast, and reimagine those as the surprise stars in this intriguing, complex love letter to Korean cuisine. A sweet, clear, kimchi taffy, bright red and floral, with lots of fermenty tang and spice, is rippled throughout, and chunks of bulgogi-kimchi truffles stud this ice cream’s firmament with fused chocolaty promise. Bo Kwon became one of the pivotal Korean chefs in the country when he opened his first food cart in 2009, effectively repackaging kimchi into relatable formats (tacos!) and rebranding kimchi as the spicy, sexy delicacy it incontrovertibly is. Today, Bo’s crazy pop food cart juggernaut has expanded to seven carts and two Koi Fusion shops. Bo’s mom and dad still work in his kitchen; our ice cream is based on his mom’s recipe.