Goat Cheese & Ginger Boysenberry Jam

As good as it is. Delicious, goat-y chevre ice cream, dense and rich, is the perfect delivery system for dark filigrees of sweet, thick ginger boysenberry jam, with just a touch of spicy Thai chilies to keep you guessing. Can we get on our soapbox for a second? This is a place every person should know about and support: The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats in Mojave, California. They’re an animal sanctuary for retired farm animals who no longer produce milk or eggs or can’t work in their farm-animal capacity. Here, these animals live freely and together and have their own names and are treated like family. Not only do we love supporting The Sanctuary because of their animal-rescue efforts, but also because they have yet-to-retire goats who make incredible, award-winning goat cheese!