Cocanú’s Valentina: Maple & Rose Chocolate Garden

It’s pretty clear that everything Sebastian Cisneros of Cocanú makes is made with love. It was hard for us to pick just one flavor from his repertoire of chocolates because he consistently surprises us with ingredients like Palo Santo wood chips, baked milk, or bee pollen and showcasing them in single origin chocolates that he has roasted himself. This specific chocolate holds a very, very special place in Sebastian’s heart and was created as a chocolate filled gift to his daughter. A combination of Ecuadorian cacao beans sweetened with Canadian maple sugar; this is the most beautifully poetic chocolate we’ve ever worked with. When using the chocolate in ice cream, we tried really hard to not mess with perfection. We made a dense chocolate base using Cocanú’s Valentina chocolate, we lightly repeated the maple with our own sweet maple caramel, and gently steeped rose petals into the chocolate base to nudge this ice cream from quite-delicious to life-changing.