ChocoVivo’s Olive Oil & Blood Orange Chocolate Milk Sorbet

Patricia Tsai at ChocoVivo is single-handedly changing the way we look at the way cacao beans are processed and served in this country. The goal at ChocoVivo is to ditch the 48hr processing of cacao beans like all the other chocolate producers in the world and, instead, honor the amazingly tasty benefits of stone-ground cacao beans. What’s amazing about this ancient stone-ground process is that ChocoVivo can use whole ingredients and work them straight into the chocolate as the beans are being ground. It’s so freaking simple! It’s hard to believe that this ancient Mayan technique has been so completely lost over the last 2000 years. For this ice cream, Patricia pours local blood oranges and olive oil over the cacao beans and lightly stone grinds the cacao to a chocolatey paste. We try to make the ice cream as completely unadulterated as possible, we add a touch of milk to help carry some of the flavors, spin this into a sorbet, and let the stone-ground cacao speak for itself!