California Avocado & Hazelnut Praline Sorbet

Two ingredients with flavors as delicate as can be. By lightly roasting, candying and pureeing hazelnuts and folding them into ripened and pureed avocados, our goal with this flavor was to make a combination that honors the nutty-ness of these crazy delicious California avocados. And this ice cream doesn’t merely honor the avocado… nay! This sorbet is the epitomistic tribute to all of avocado’s glory. This sorbet is like a stick of butter on a (avocado) tree limb bathing in crystal nuts. This sorbet is like rubbing your face in velvet while petting a small puppy golden doodle. This sorbet will eternally alter your expectation of what a ripe avocado will taste like. These gorgeous certified organic avocados come to us from Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California.