California Acorn & Chestnut Stuffing – LA Exclusive

Maybe your family’s recipe is handed down through generations, protected and prepared every year by the revered matriarch, or maybe yours comes from a box? Maybe it’s fruity, or savory.  Maybe the giblets are your favorite part? Stuffing comes in many forms, and it’s always a favorite at our table. In this case, OUR recipe is made with homemade California acorn brown bread, and folded into a spiced chestnut ice cream. The star is truly those acorns, harvested in Northern California and blended into a flour, this stuff is potent and gives our stuffing bread a dark & nutty molasses flavor. We start with that homemade bread, cook it into a black pepper and fresh thyme laced bread pudding, and serve this by the scoop to pull you straight back to casserole-dish-filled-nostalgia.