Bratwursts and Mustard

Spicy? Yes. Meaty? Yes. Tasty as ice cream? Yes yes! Inspired by late summer nights of convivial sausage-grilling, we thought it would only be fair to try to bring the juicy, meaty, caramelized goodness to our other favorite food vehicle that is not a bun. The not-so-secret ingredient in this ice cream is a nutmeg-and-coriander-laced sausage from our friends at Wurstküche. In the ice-cream-making process, these spicy pork sausages are grilled until they caramelize to a squeal-inducing darkness. To top it off, we concoct a honey-mustard caramel sauce to ripple through each scoop. Wurstküche is arguably the busiest restaurant in the country. In addition to being the creator of some of the most incontrovertibly delicious sausages we’ve ever had, ever.