Bitter Orange & Olive Oil

Our generation’s mark on the Portland bridge infatuation. The Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, takes Bridgetown’s total count of river spanning structures to 12! And this one has been done in true neo-Portlandian anti-car fashion; becoming a safe-haven for walkers, bikers, and riders of TriMet buses, Portland Streetcar and MAX Orange Line—and ice cream lovers! We dedicate this ice cream to the Orange Line and the epic-ness that comes with such a beautiful bridge. Our olive oil ice cream (made with Arbequina olive oil from Red Ridge Farms!) is stark and clean like the white lines of the Tilikum Crossing’s support cables. Meanwhile, a splash of bitter orange marmalade glides through this ice cream like our hometown MAX trains. In celebration of these new additions to Portland’s transportation scene, we’ll be donating a percentage of proceeds from sales of this special flavor to Ride Connection all month long!