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Wild-Foraged Berry Pie

Close your eyes and imagine classic berry pie à la mode: Wild berries plucked from the alpine slopes of Mt. Baker in Washington, simmered into an ooey-gooey filling, then slathered across crispy bits of double-baked pie crust and strewn about a salted vanilla ice cream, Jackson Pollock-style. Now open your eyes — no, you’re not dreaming.

Ingredients, Allergens & Nutrition Facts

Milk, Cream, Foraged Berry Jam (sugar, wild blueberries, wild lingonberries, wild mountain blackberries, pectin, lemon juice, cinnamon, black pepper), Sugar, Pie Crusts (flour, butter, water, cane sugar, lemon juice, salt), Tapioca Syrup, Water, Salt, Vanilla Extract, Eggs, Natural Gums (guar gum, carrageenan)

Allergens: Milk, Wheat, Eggs

Dietary Consideration: Lard

Three (3) servings per pint. Each serving 2/3 cup. Calories per serving: 340

Shipping & Delivery

Ice cream is shipped Monday – Friday and takes 1-2 business days and is shipped with dry ice in an insulated box. For move information visit our FAQs.

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Back in 2015 we learned a couple of important lessons about pie: 1) Wine bottles can function as rolling pins only for so long. 2) The hard part is not baking a beautiful pie—it’s getting that pie into ice cream. After much trial and error, we abandoned all utensils and dug in—literally—with our hands, perfecting the art of launching pie clumps directly into ice cream as it churned. It was tactile, messy, and exactly what we wanted. From that moment on we realized that anything we could put in our hands, we could put into ice cream. Our minds opened to limitless possibilities for ingredients and we started quantifying recipes by how many hands were required per tub.