School's back in session—which means our shops are serving up scoops invented by fourth-graders themselves. For the seventh year, we teamed up with schools in our neighborhoods to give students one highly creative assignment: If you could invent any ice cream flavor, what would it be? In true kid form, the ingredients they propose in ice cream are interesting...salmon! avocado toast! ube! Our R&D team sorted through hundreds of submissions to determine which flavor creations were so darn charming, wildly imaginative, or straight-up hilarious that they had to make the menu. Student inventor illustrations The resulting 28 ice creams (each of our cities has a menu created by their local students) aren't just delicious. They're sprinkled with the sprightly magic of an eight-year-old, and the lens through which they see the world. We're endlessly inspired by these kids' combinations (you can't make up "my iecreame flaver is going to Be cramel with cocanut and Lime with chily thats what I want") and end up learning a thing or two about ice cream-making ourselves. Case in point: When a student proposed The Ballistic Bagel with *actual* salmon, we scratched our heads—but then decided to candy some smoked sockeye and make it work. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Student Inventor flavor The flavors are as delightful as the students themselves. And the best part? We're able to donate a portion of proceeds from the ice creams right back to the schools and their PTA programs.