Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache

Our grandma used to make this almond brittle every year. When we started Salt & Straw, we knew that this tasty treat had to be in our ice cream. We’ve mixed the brittle into a vanilla ice cream and, for to take things to the next step, added mouthwatering & salty, soft little chunks of chocolate ganache.
Allergens: Milk, tree nuts, soy, coconut

Ganache is basically the same as the inside of a chocolate truffle. It is a blend of cream and chocolate that makes it softer and creamier when in the ice cream. During production, we measure the amount of ganache in each scoop to a perfection. Each scoop should have 2 full pieces of ganache; each pint should have 8-10 pieces.

Our almond brittle is an old family recipe that was made by Grandma Malek every holiday season. We make sheets and sheets of this at a time, spreading it by hand, cracking to a precise size, and carefully folding it into our ice cream.